Service Level Agreement (SLA) is agreed on a number of days within which you have to ship your orders.

For getting better satisfaction of customers, Our default SLA for all category of product for all marketplace platform made available by company is 24-48 Hrs hours from the date and time of order placed on Vishyam marketplace.

However, we do offer a grace period of 12 hours where a vendor can dispatch the order. If the vendor fails to dispatch the order within grace period, company gives final extension of another 12 hours for dispatching the product. However if the vendor cannot dispatch the order even after crossing 24 hours from SLA, then there will be a chance of auto cancellation of order and order will be auto cancelled at any time post extended grace period

Return of a Product

  • When the item is dispatched within SLA Period ( 0-48 hours) and the item is returned back to the vendor (RTO), following charges will be applicable:

Forward Shipping Charges + RTO (Return to Origin) charges

In the above case, Vishyam will pay both the charges on behalf of the vendor.

  • When the item is dispatched within next 12 hour (Grace Period) after SLA period (48 hours), then the following charges will be applicable.

Forward Shipping Charges + RTO (Return to Origin) charges

In the above case, Vishyam will pay the forward shipment charges on behalf of the vendor and vendor will have to pay the RTO charges in case of return of product.

  • If the items are dispatched after grace period and during extended grace period of 60-72Hrs, then the vendor will be liable to pay both forward and RTO charges along with 5% of listing price of the product as penalty for late shipment and a late shipment fee of Rs.100 will also levied.

Forward + RTO (Return to Origin) + 5% of listing price (Penalty for late shipment) + Rs.100 (Late Shipment Fee)

If an order is cancelled by a seller after breach of SLA, then vendor will be charged order cancellation fees of 5 % of listing price of the product along with payment gateway charges and marketplace commission fees.

If the item is returned due to fault of vendor as mentioned in vendor agreement, then company will deduct marketplace fees, applicable shipping charges and payment gateway charges from vendor.

If you are unable to fulfill your order in our default SLA and want to increase your SLA time, please get in touch with your account manager or write to us via email

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