Vishyam ensures “Quality Shipping” for all your products ordered through Vishyam platform. We arrange this through our various courier partner network.

For Vishyam Shipping module, the following rates are applicable to vendor’s selling in Vishyam Platform.

Shipping Weight Slab

Zone/Mode  Vishyam Air (Min. billing-0.5 Kg.) Vishyam LITE (Min billing-2kg) Vishyam Surface (Min billing-10kg)
Every 500g Add. 500gm Upto 2kg Add. 1kg Upto 10kg Addn. per 1kg
Within City (Rs) 50 50 140 65 200 15
Pick up Address Correction (Rs) RTO COD % COD Rate (Rs) Reverse Penalty for Manual Shipping Label (Rs)
65 Same as Forward 2.70% 65 1.5 X Forward 500


Volumetric weight is calculated as below:

  • Vishyam Air/ Rush mode: LxBxH(Length*Breadth*Height)/5000
  • Vishyam LITE/ Surface mode: LxBxH(Length*Breadth*Height)/4000 where LBH are in cm

Dead Weight or Volumetric weight whichever is higher will be applied All price displayed above are in INR

All the above quoted rates are exclusive of GST

All shipping charges displayed above are subject to change whenever company will update its shipping policy and in such cases vendor will be notified prior 1 week for the new rates of shipping.

Product ordered through Vishyam advance marketplace and Auction marketplace will be delivered by Vishyam Shipping module (Except Furniture Category where seller has to self-ship the product)

Product ordered through Rental marketplace of Vishyam will be delivered by vendor self-shipping module. In such case vendor has to arrange the shipping of their rental product. If Vendor cannot provide shipping solution, Vishyam will provide shipping support at Vendor’s request. However, vendor has to provide installation support and service support for their product during rental period for any complaint received from customer.

Product won in auction which are marked “AS IS WHERE IS” basis will not be shipped and customer will have to arrange the pick up of the item from the vendor’s place/store.

Wherever vendor will find difficulties in shipping the item, Vishyam will help them to provide shipping services through Vishyam designated Shipping Partner /Delivery person

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