New Product Image Guidelines For Seller

Image Size  Preferred- 1000Pixel for Aparrel

Minimum 600 pixel for all other product


500 Pixel

Image Frame  Minimum- 50 % ,Maximum – 85 %

Prefereed- 80 %

 Minimum Margin- 10 px on all 4 side

100 %and<50 %  both cases

85 %

50 %


Background colour

  Pure White / Light Color

Drop shadow allowed for light color

 Multicoloured Background

human background

File format  JPEG/JPG/ or PNG PSD,PDF or any other file format

Image Color Mode




Gray Scale, Lab, indexed or multichannel

Maximum File Size  10 MB10 MB
Product Position in the image  Central AllignmentLeft Allignment

Right Allighment

No of image per productMinimum-1 , Maximum-5

Front View,side view and

back view/closeup

 1 image per product

2 image per product

Image File Namesku_01.JPEG



Other Image GuidelinesOnly Real image of the product are accepted

Professional Photoshoot with models for apparel and accessories

Aparrel should fit the model properly  Ghost Manequin is also accepted

Image must be for single item. For Shoes images must be of single shoe

Include only the product what the customer will received and other acessories must not be shown with the product


 Image must Not have text

Image must not have border

Image must not have multiple objects included

Images must not be obsence

Images must not be hand sketch

Images must not have watermark

Images must not have manequin

Product images must not be cropped

product images must not include accessories


Used Product /Rental Product/ Refurbished Product Image guidelines

Accepted file size  JPEG/JPG/ or PNG  Pdf

Psd or other format

Image Frame Minimum 50 % of the image should be covered with product 50 % size of image of the product


  White/ Light clour background

  Multicolour background can be used

 Background with human beeing

Background with text


Camerae Quality

  Recommended-DSLR/Professional Camera

Mobile Camerae of 12 Mega pixel and above

compressed image

Low quality image

Minimum Image Size  300 X 300 pixel (one side must be atleast 300 pixel)  300 pixel
Maximum image size  1000X1000 1000 pixel
Maximum file Size  10 MB  1 MB file

Other Guidelines


Original product image

Minimum 1 image is required per product

Product should not be confusing

Product should not be displayed with other type product


  Human background

Text image

Watermark image

Border image

Obsence image



We reserve the right to reject images that do not meet our image standards.

It is seller responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary rights to the images you submit

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