Vishyam is more than just a shopping site. It is a promise of inspired individuals creating awesome experiences for its customers. It is one of the most unique e-commerce companies of India that has come up with various innovative and attractive features. We provide you India’s first comprehensive online marketplace where you can buy new products, rent products and also participate in buying and selling of used products.


We believe “Your satisfaction is Our responsibility”. For every second you invest on us we try our best to give you an experience worth it.
With sheer hard work, dedication and your support, Vishyam believes to become
India’s largest online comprehensive marketplace.


Our website is specially designed to make your experience user friendly and hassle-free. Every transaction is secured, well protected and backed up with full customer support and on time delivery. From customers to individual sellers to merchants, we bring you what you were looking for. Considering the various needs of an individual, we provide you a huge variety of budget oriented necessities ensuring that you get the best of quality at affordable pricing thus making your online shopping experience above extraordinary.

  • We provide you an economical solution for your needs
  • We help customers to fulfil their needs according to their budget and requirements
  • Our New Product Marketplace is for individuals looking to purchase new products through our website
  • Our Rental Marketplace ensures that our customers are able to rent effortlessly.From everyday needs to specific purposes, rent your requirements
  • You can also take part in Buy & Sell Used Products Marketplace and Bid to win! Here we provide you an opportunity to buy used goods at a great discounted price. You can also sell off products lying at your home in this platform


Our Vision

Vishyam strives to become the largest comprehensive online marketplace of India. With innovation and technology, Vishyam believes to have brought up an innovative comprehensive marketplace for all of its users to satisfy various needs under one roof. Various online shopping aspects in a single platform not only increases the ease of life and makes the growing digital world more convenient but has a great impact towards the betterment of our economy.

Our mission is to:

  • Help customers choose their exact need based on their requirement, budget and timeline
  • Create awareness for optimum utilization of one’s available product resources by sharing through a common platform and building a Sharing Economy within the Society
  • Provide an unique, user friendly and hassle-free visual experience to our customers for viewing, shopping, discovering and offering selection that matches each customer’s personal requirement
  • Become the most trustable and secured platform for buyers, renters, sellers and users
  • Provide great Customer Service ensuring above ordinary satisfaction

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